Thixotropic epoxy adhesive in cartridge form for structural anchors

Code: RNF.0379

Bauteile: 1

Aussehen: Paste

SYNTECH FIX EP is a two-component structural adhesive based on epoxy resins for anchoring and structural fastening on concrete surfaces, stone materials, bricks, wood and building materials in general. Given the elevated adhesion and resistance capacity against stresses due to high loads and the rapid development of mechanical resistance, SYNTECH FIX EP is suitable for anchoring bars and gluing metal elements. SYNTECH FIX EP can also be used as a soldering agent between materials of varying nature.

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Erhaltene Zertifizerungen und Standards

ETAG 001 Part 5 OPTION 1

ETAG 001 Part 5 OPTION 1

ETAG 001 Part 5 OPTION 1

ETAG 001 TR 023

ETAG 001 TR 023

ETAG 001 TR 023

ETAG 001 Annex E

ETAG 001 Annex E

ETAG 001 Annex E

Allgemeine Eigenschaften


Haltbarkeit: 24 monate


Nur mit Schutzbrille verwenden


Nur mit Schutzhandschuhen verwenden


Nutzungstemperatur: +5 / +35 °C

Technische Spezifikationen

Beständig gegen Chemikalien

Verfügbare Farben

- Grau

Verpackung und Größen

- Bi-Mix-Kartusche 470 ml

- Schachtel: 12 x (Bi-Mix-Kartusche 470 ml)


Consult the technical staff.


SYNTECH FIX EP is used as an adhesive to create structural anchors of threaded bars with improved adhesion, metal elements, fastening between materials of a different nature (steel, concrete), applications on wet or humid media, grouting cracks, repairs and filling, sealing of large diameter holes or applications with high-diameter bars and high-power dielectric anchors by cancelling the effect of stray currents.

Vorbereitung der Halterungen

Remove all crumbly parts with low mechanical strength and that are starting to detach from the affected area, completing the anchor holes on a healthy and compact substrate. Create the hole, checking its perpendicularity and blowing out the hole with compressed air. The holes must be cleaned and dedusted – remove any dust, oil, grease, paint, dirt, debris and any other residue that could affect adhesion.


The two components of SYNTECH FIX EP are packaged in a single 470 ml two-component cartridge with side-by-side sections. The components are blended in the mixing nozzle during extrusion, to be carried out with a special gun. SYNTECH FIX EP is ideal for fastenings with variable anchoring depth, to grant the drafter a high degree of flexibility. Screw the nozzle to the cartridge and insert into the pump. Protect the hands and face during preparation. Before proceeding with the application, ensure that the two components are completely mixed by extruding a small amount of product – if it emerges in a uniform colour, it has been properly mixed. Only at this point is the cartridge ready for use. Extrude SYNTECH FIX EP into the hole until it is filled to 2/3. Use a threaded bar cut at 45° on the end going into the hole. Insert the bar with a rotating motion to allow the air bubbles to escape. Respect the hardening and application times indicated on the data sheet.


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- Nitro-Verdünner

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